Karma KM-8520 Wheelchair for Easy and Convenient to Move

This Heavy duty wheelchair is made for Heavy weight users, or people who have suffered from Thoracic or Spinal injury and cannot move in and out of the wheelchair easily.  It can take upto 160 kgs of user weight hence suits overweight user. Both the Arm and the leg rest are swing away type ,

Making moving in and out of the Karma 8520 easier. It is a lighweight heavy duty wheelchair (17 kgs) can be folded and taken easily . Comfortable upholstery makes using this wheelchair easy.

Suitable for Thoracic and Cervical Spinal Cord Injured; those who need convenient lateral movement.

    • Very convenient to move from wheelchair to other supportive surfaces since the armrest can swing upward and the footrest can be rotated outward.
Karma 8520 Heavy Duty Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 21700
  • Foldable backrest and frame for easy and convenient storage and transport.

Karma Healthcare KP-80 Power Standing Wheelchair is a compact and fully powered wheelchair designed for your budget. The front-wheel drive provides agile control for the chair to negotiate various indoors and out. It comes with the innovative S-Ergo seat and wide range of power backrest angle adjustment (80~120 degree). Power Standing Wheelchair can activate the main circulation systems and help to maintain physical and mental health.

Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair
Our Price : Rs 309000


  • Power Standing WheelchairS-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduced sliding
  • Battery is also available with wheelchair.
  • Standing Up right with an easy 1 finger-touch function
  • Being agile and mobile with front wheel drive system

Imagine the feeling to stand up again. To be able to cook, browse the library or even hug your near and dear ones even when on a wheelchair.

This is sheer magic. And KARMA brings to you a standing wheelchair that helps you do all that and more without the help of any one else.

With Ergo Stand, you can stand up independently and drive around easily. Also, standing can activate the main circulation systems and help to maintain physical and mental health.


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