Walking Sticks Quadripod for Elderly

Tynor walking stick quadripod is a walking aid to give extra stability during walk to very weak or very old or physically challenged individuals. Made out of special grade of aluminum to ensure strength, durability and light weight. Broad base gives good stability. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing.

  • Enhanced stability
  • Strong and Durable
  • Good handle grip
  • Left and right use


A tynor walking stick is a device used to facilitate walking, for fashion, or for defensive reasons. Tynor Walking Stick Quadripod come in many shapes and sizes. Some kinds of walking stick may be used by people with disabilities as a crutch. The walking stick has also historically been known to be used as a defensive or offensive weapon, and may conceal a knife or sword as in a swordstick.


Tynor Walking Stick Quadripod
Our Price : Rs 597

The walking stick is normally held in the hand opposite to the affected leg. To walk, place the stick on the ground at the same time as the affected leg. Walking sticks are also used by trekkers are called trekking poles or hiking poles. Tynor Walking Stick Quadripod – Greater Confidence Universal Good Handle Grip Tynor Walking Stick quadripod is a walking aid to give extra stability during walk to very weak or very old or physically challenged individuals.

Walking sticks are widely used by many people with mobility issues- there are many different types and designs available. The most common type of walking stick is the height-adjustable aluminium design in various colours and handles. There are other types of sticks that are out there- quad sticks and pyramid canes are the next level of mobility in the stick range. With 4 or 3 legs respectively, they offer greater stability to the user and are also height adjustable for maximum user comfort.

Walking canes for men were first made as a means of protection against wild beasts and other people who may wish to do them harm. They were a staple tool for anyone hiking along the highways or tending herds of livestock in the night and could be used to offer better stability in areas where the ground was muddy or the landscape steep. The more folks used these handy sticks, the more practical uses they found for them.

For a long time, shepherds got  most use out of them, but they were later associated with noblemen. Early rulers, emperors &  kings, started carrying their own Walking Canes For Men, called scepters, to symbolize their power to both punish and protect.

After their association with nobility, gentleman of the 1600’s and 1700’s began to carry them for the sake of fashion. Throughout this era, in order for a man to prove that he was part of the high society, he would have to carry around his own fashionable walking stick as a required accessory to his most formal attire. As a matter of fact, Britain once held a law that demanded any man who carried a cane to be licensed to do so, to ensure that no low-class citizens were ruining its meaning.


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