Pediatric Walkers are used for Temporary Walking Disability

Pediatric Walkers are designed to stabilize and protect the lower leg, ankle and foot. They are easy to operate and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for an active child who requires stability following a sprain, stress fracture, or surgery.

High quality rigid outer skeleton for protection
Dense foam lining within the sole to provide comfort and support
Shock absorbing sole to improve comfort and protects the user from slips, providing additional security in each step
Rocker bottom to stimulate natural gait
Uprights give additional stability by restricting motion of the leg
Lightweight design perfectly designed for kids to keep active

The Walk Star Posterior Walker pediatric mobility products. The light, functional Yogi features caster swivel locks and a friction brake for gait stability and extra-low hand grips for young children, while its two sizes, adjustability, and accessories help it fit a range of needs. The Walk Star is a folding gait trainer that comes in five sizes and three colors and fits kids as young as two years old. Telescoping frame tubes allow the Walk Star to grow with the child. Its swivel front wheels allow for quick turns, while locked front wheels make the system more stable.

Pediatric Walkers:
Pediatric walking aids feature grow with you height adjustability
Models with wheels maneuver well over normal floor obstacles and are ideal for outdoor play areas
Guardian pediatric walkers have a design to meet everyones needs, even the smallest child
The Strider Prescription Walkers feature handles that adjust without tools and an extra wide base for maximum stability, safety and balance
Available with weight capacities up to 175 lbs.
The Children’s and Toddler Walkers have a lightweight, aluminum “A” frame design to provide greater balance, and comfortable vinyl hand grips
Available with weight capacities up to 200 lbs.

Pediatric walkers are generally height adjustable and can be either pulled from behind or pushed in from depending on their style and the child’s abilities. They can have no wheels, two wheels or four wheels. The more wheels on a walker the less stable it is however the more wheels the easier it will be to move. Some types of walker wheels will swivel which eases turning but reduces the stability of the walker. The rear wheels, when four wheels are used, in some cases can have drag brakes which slow the rotation of the rear wheels to make the walker more controllable and stable for the child.

Children’s walkers can also have forearm attachments (as pictured) which allow the child’s weight to be transmitted down through the elbows and forearms to the walker. These attachments are helpful for kids who cannot grip the walker with their hands or support their weight through their hands.

Today, such a walker would mark my mother as a nerd, a penny-pincher or, worse yet, someone whose neglectful children had failed to provide her with the next new thing. Spend some time at an assisted living community these days and it’s clear that the Cadillac of walkers — will our generation call them the BMWs of walkers? — is no longer a jury-rigged contraption of found objects, but rather a “rollator,” a “rolling walker” or a “walker with a seat.

A two wheel rolling walker is defined as a walking aid with two front wheels and no rear wheels. These walkers are geared toward users who have more limited mobility and can walk slowly. We recommend adding gliders or tennis balls to the rear posts so that the user does not have to lift the walker at every step. The gliders also add some friction to the walker when walking and will stop the walker from rolling away.

Karma Walker WK-51 or Deluxe Reciprocal Folding Walker helps in adding stability to the walking process and also enhances the balance of the person who uses it. Particularly people who have osteoarthritis require mobility aids like walkers, canes, crutches and scooters to allow them to compensate for painful joints or joints with restricted motion range. Old age will never make you dependent on others, when you use Karma Walker WK-51. You can do anything and everything that you wish to do, while using this walker. It is a one button folding walker. It is easy to use. It has 8 height adjustable sections and comes in various colours.

Karma Walker WK 51 Features
Deluxe Reciprocal Folding Walker
One button folding walker
8 sections height adjustable
Height Length : 79.5-95 cm
Width 5″ : caster
Color: Silver, Bronze
Pediatric Model also available(WK 54P)


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