Elbow Crutch Provide Better Support and Stability for Elderly Patients

Our Price : Rs 600

Crutches provide much more support than canes. Instead of relying on the strength of your wrist, canes use the strength And stability of your entire arm. Most models consist of an arm cuff, and a hand grip attached to a strong aluminum tube. For long term use you want to avoid the “broken leg” style wooden crutches that go under the armpit they’re just not as Comfortable.

Elbow Crutch with Strap is made up of anodized aluminum with telescopic height adjustment. It is designed as per Biomechanical principles for proper weight distribution. However, Lightweight Elbow Crutches is more durable due to its plastic sleeves which Reduce the friction between upper and lower tubes. It has total forearm support with nylon cliff with suction rubber tip For better grip on any surface. For elderly patients & amputees.

Elbow Crutches Features :

  • Better support and stability for elderly patients
  • Temporary ambulation with plaster cast
  • Patients using bilateral or unilateral limb orthosis
  • Amputees using a prosthesis
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight

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