Best Adjustable Aluminium Crutches for Elderly People

Lighter than wood, this aluminum crutch provides stability and durability while maintaining a lightweight design. The double extruded center tube provides additional strength to the weight-bearing area, and the push-pin adjustment makes it easy to adjust the height in increments. Jumbo sized contoured vinyl tips provide excellent traction.

Crutches Aluminum
Our Price : Rs 1270

In many walking disorders or conditions of impaired balance, one often needs a crutch. Its kind of like having a shoulder to lean on, all the time, that you can trust blindly. Crutches Aluminum upper arm crutch requires minimum training and substantially less upper extremity strength than other types of crutches. It provides additional points of contact and a wider range of stable gravity positioning.

When to use :

  • Impaired balance
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Walking Disorders
  • Injury or disorder of spine

Benefits :

  • Increases base of support
  • Easy to use than other crutches
  • Movable insert pulley.

Adjustable Aluminium Crutches Features :

  • Designed to take some of the weight off of the arms during weight bearing.
  • By providing additional points of contact the walking aid provides both additional support and a wider range of stable center of gravity positioning.

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