Commode Toileting Aids Helpful for Disabled and Elderly People

Vissco Invalid Folding Commode
Our Price : Rs 3629

Toileting aids are designed to make going to the toilet a much easier and relaxing experience for those who struggle. Particularly helpful for disabled and elderly people, toileting aids can help maintain dignity and independence in the Home.

Folding Commode Stool is necessary equipment in a household where senior citizens are victims of severe injuries and Accidents reside. Patients of joint or back ache, of those who face difficulties in walking or using Indian toilets, can Make use of  Handicapped Toilet Seats  as a toilet aid. It is convenient equipment that can be used in hospitals as well as Homes.

Comfortable Commode chair for converting Indian Toilets. Built in backrest, 17″ seat width. Made of Powder coated steel For firm support. Overall weight 14 kgs. Removable Pot included. Can also be used as a bedside commode. A Handicap Toilet Chair with Backrest and arm rest for converting Indian Toilet into Western style commode. Rubber tipped legs too Prevent slipping. Ideal for Elderly and Patient.

Wheelchair Price is a social enterprise focused on making the life of senior citizens in India Easier and enjoyable. We have started by making available products that can make the life of senior citizens easier, be it At home or outside. These products include

1. Toilet aids. These are products like Indian to Western Commode converters, toilet safety rails and grab bars, anti-slip Mats, toilet raisers, shower chairs and others that can make the bathroom more comfortable and safer to use.

Open Front Commode Chair
Our Price : Rs 1500

2. Mobility aids. These include canes, walking sticks, crutches, walkers, manual and powered wheelchairs and other Innovative products that can help the elderly remain mobile and independent.

3. Incontinence products.These are discreet products that help senior citizens manage problems due to weak bladders and Continue to enjoy complete freedom. Some of these products include pads, adult diapers, disposable and washable Under pads Etc.

4. Convenience products: A wide array of products ranging from Senior friendly mobile phones to remote alarm bells, book Holders, magnifying glasses, and specific products for special needs such as for orthopedic support and for diabetics That can make life safer and comfortable.

Wheelchair Price C/O Manish Steel Works is an India based online handicapped product shopping website offers a large variety of handicap products and at amazingly low prices. Avail benefit of latest promotions on Wheelchairs, Tricycle, handicap walker, handicap crutches, handicap sticks, folding commode, cycle rickshaw, handicap moped and other items.


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