Best Cervical Collar for Neck and Spine Protecting

Cervical collars provide assistance to the neck and spine protecting it against jerks impacts and vibrations. These collars are recommended in cervical areas which are prone to immobilization. Health Vistas has products of brands like Orthopedic, Romsons, Paragon, Dyna, Flowline and Transval etc.

Cervical Collar ensures you feel relief from pain as soon as possible as it provides warmth and support to the neck region. Vissco Cervical Collar Soft  comfortable support stabilizes the cervical spine whereas the cotton fabric releases sweat and allows for better ventilation.

Guidelines for Using a Neck Brace :

Patients who are advised to wear a cervical collar need to follow some basic guidelines to ensure the desired results.

Vissco Cervical Collar Soft
Our Price : Rs 185
  • The brace must fit in such a way that it restricts head movement
  • The chin must be placed properly and should not stick out of the collar
  • The patient’s hair must be outside the brace
  • The skin placed beneath the brace must be dry and clean to avoid skin infections
  • Wearers should also avoid applying any lotion/powder on the neck area
  • The brace’s lower edge must rest in such a way that only the padding touches the skin

If you have an accident, a neck brace can be put on you as a precautionary measure until possible injuries to the neck can be evaluate. Famous brands of neck collar include Cervical Collar HLS , Cervical Collar Vissco, and Flamingo Cervical Collar. You can buy neck collars from online health stores like at a reasonable price.

Shoulder Sling : When you have a fractured shoulder, or a fractured wrist or elbow, you may be recommended to wear an arm sling. In case of fracture, no matter of which body part, it is very essential not to move that part of your body to ensure proper healing of the bone. As said earlier, the arm sling helps your arm to keep it in place against your body and that helps in faster healing.

If you have gone through any kind of surgery on  or  around your shoulder, you may need a Shoulder Sling so as to stop the shoulder muscles from contracting and upsetting the process of healing. Slings not only heal, but it also provides comfort to your arms and prevents it from too much pain. Strokes sometimes may lead to arm or leg paralysis or even both. In that situation, when you are unable to move your arm freely, it may be painful to you as your arms are hanging. However, on using a sling, it will provide support to your arm, and will save you from the pain you were encountering initially.


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