Tubular Elastic Compression Bandages Simple to Use

Elastoplast Elastic Tubular support bandages are comfortable to wear and simple to use, without ties or tape required to hold them in place. They apply even compression to help reduce swelling and provide extra support for joints.

This versatile, bandage is an economical and a better substitute for elastic wraps, and other general supports. Holds cold/hot packs or bandages in place. Tubular Elastic Bandage offers good compression and help to minimize inflammation. The compression can be increased by increasing the layers of the bandage.

Tubular Elastic Bandage
Our Price : Rs 137
  • Washable
  • Breathable and Hypo allergenic
  • Remains cool in summers and warm in winters
  • Uniform compression
  • Soft to touch, good to feel

Compression bandages used in the management of lymphedema should be properly washed on a regular basis, so  skin cells and oils won’t become trapped in the fibers of the  bandages and damage the integrity of the textile. Compression bandages may be machine or hand washed; machine wash is generally the  preferred method.

The arm cast cover is completely watertight keeping your casts and bandage dry. The arm cast cover offers the only leg and arm cast protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep you dry. Tynor Cast Cover Arm is so completely and totally waterproof, between the waterproof material and the vacuum seal, that you can even dive off a diving board or ride the ocean waves and still have your cast or bandage stay completely dry.

Tynor Cast Cover Arm
Our Price : Rs 197

When you break an arm or a leg, you may wonder how you’re going to practice basic hygiene. Showering can be difficult in a cast, but the problem is not insurmountable. In the event you break a limb, you will have to keep your cast dry when showering. Take precautions when getting in and out of the shower. If your cast accidentally gets wet, call your doctor for instructions on how to proceed.

Keep your cast out of water : Even with excellent protection, there’s always a risk of water seeping through onto your cast. Strive to keep your cast away from water entirely in the aftermath of an injury.

Try taking a bath instead of a shower. If you have a broken arm, it may be easier to keep your arm out of the water in a bath. You can simply place your arm on the edge of the tub while washing the rest of your body.

If you strongly prefer a shower, try to keep your cast away from running water. You may have to keep the broken limb outside of the shower during the bathing process. However, even if you keep your cast away from the water, do not bathe or shower without a cover. Even a small amount of water can be harmful to a cast


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