Shower Commode for Elderly People

Shower Chair Commode
Our Price : Rs 5800

Many people require a shower chair, toilet surround and commode. However, for those who are short on space and money, it Is possible to buy all-in-one commodes for the elderly that functions as all three.

Shower Commode chairs are designed for use in the shower and are constructed from water-resistant materials like plastic And rustproof metals.

A shower commode chair is a convenient and safe piece of equipment to help prevent falls in the bathroom. Shower Chair Commode combine the functionality of a shower seat, the convenience of a commode seat and the transportation Ease of a wheelchair. Shower commode chairs are designed to fit over most standard toilet seats, are equipped with locking Caster wheels and can also function as a stand-alone commode chair with a removable bucket.

Shower Commode Chair Features :

  • Weight capacity— Most shower commode chairs will hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Seating— Plastic or water resistant padded seats are available both with closed or open fronts.
  • Adjustability— Both backs and seats can be adjusted on certain models as well as adjustable heights to accommodate different shower heads. Fully adjustable tilt-in-space shower commode chairs are available for those who have precise positioning and optimal angle requirements.
  • Materials— PVC or stainless steel should be used to prevent rust.
Invalid Folding Commode
Our Price : Rs 3629

Sometimes, a need of a patient may arise to use a folding commode. Western toilets are much easier on the knees, and Doesn’t require the strength to squat over the toilet. However, Western toilets aren’t always available. The Invalid Folding Commode helps to modify a toilet to help someone unable to use a traditional toilet.

Vissco Invalid Folding Commode Features :

  • Rigid Support
  • Universal Fit
  • Anti-Fungal

We offer a comprehensive range of Commode Stools, which are known for their incredible durability and hassle free long life performance. These are manufactured from qualitative range of raw materials, which is quality checked by our team of experienced professionals. We offer these Commode Stools at most competitive prices.


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