Karma Power Wheelchairs, Stability and Safety

Karma Healthcare Nimble KP 10.3 Powered Wheelchair is the most economic power wheelchair without sacrificing safety & durability. The patented S-Ergo system promotes pressure redistribution, reduces downward sliding & helps maintain good posture. Ergonomic seat system provides comfortable seating. Tool-free disassembled into 3 parts for traveling & transportation.

KP 10.3 Wheelchair S is the new “Karma KP 10.3 S” is a lightweight, compact, maneuverable power chair which now incorporates wheelchair’s patented ‘S-Ergo’ seating system. It is compact enough for indoor use but powerful enough for outdoors. The concept behind the design of the power chair was to make it as light as possible and convenient to transport. The “Karma KP 10.3” can be taken apart quickly and easily into four manageable components. The heaviest part weighs just 24 kg. The quick release battery box has a convenient charging point built into it, which allows the batteries to be charged away from the power chair.

Our Price : Rs 86750

Features :

  • Ergonomic seat system provides comfortable seating
  • Quick-release battery pack

  • Washable upholstery
  • Height adjustable and flip back armrest
  • 2-level adjustable back angle
  • Frame: Breaks down into 4 components
  • Footrest: Removable, height adjustable

Specification :

  • Size 43cm x 43cm (17″x17″)
  • Total width 62cm
  • Total length 105cm
  • Armrest height 22cm
  • Seat height 50cm
  • Backrest height 45cm
  • Total height 94cm

Power Wheelchair

Power Wheelchairs/Electric Wheelchairs is specially designed for Disabled and Handicapped People. We are recognized as the prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide array of Power Wheelchairs.

Karma KP 80 Power Wheelchair standing wheelchair is a compact and fully powered wheelchair designed for your budget. The front-wheel drive provides agile control for the chair to negotiate various indoors and out. It comes with the innovative S-Ergo seat and wide range of power backrest angle adjustment.

Our Price : Rs 309000
  • Battery is also available with wheelchair.
  • Standing Up right with an easy 1 finger-touch function
  • Being agile and mobile with front wheel drive system
  • Relaxing in a comfortable reclining position

Benefits : 

  • Helps prevent decubitus sores
  • Improves bowel regularity and function
  • Helps bladder and intestinal motility
  • Reduces contractures and anchylosis
  • Helps prevent atrophy of the leg muscles

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