The Best Recliner Wheelchair for a Caregiver

A reclining wheelchair is a type of mobility device similar to a standard wheelchair except that its back can be reclined. It is designed for people with limited mobility as a result of illness, injury, or disability who find sitting in an upright position to be uncomfortable or impossible. A reclining wheelchair allows several key parts of the device, including the foot rests and backrest, to be adjusted to accommodate various needs and positions. Reclining wheelchairs are available in both folding and rigid models. Folding reclining wheelchairs are convenient and transporting the wheelchair in the trunk of a car or need to store it flat. However, folding wheelchairs are often heavy and require adjusting and locking prior to each use, which impacts their safety and comfort. Rigid models are lightweight many are made with ultralight materials such as titanium and aircraft aluminum and usually offer more customization options and comfort than folding wheelchairs.

Recline systems offer better distribution of weight or load by decreasing the seat-to-back angle of a wheelchair. They also position the patient for easier transfers, passive stretch or ROM, bowel and bladder function, and will not effect set up of trays or work space on the wheelchair. A reclining wheelchair is a wheelchair that has a feature that allows the senior to recline the backrest. They have a higher back and usually a head rest to support the senior while reclined. The leg rests may also have additional calf support. Many will also have a tilt function which is the most effective way to reduce the risk of skin breakdown as it more evenly spreads out their weight. The reclining (and tilt if needed) is usually controlled by a hand brake type system on the handles at the back of the chair.

Reclining Wheelchairs are specifically made to enable a person to safely and comfortably recline at incremental angles as the power recline chair’s seat back could move independently of other parts. For maximized comfort, elevating leg rests and high back seat can be added. These accessories are commonly used to accommodate orthostatic hypotension, severe hip contractures, and also prevent skin breakdown by providing pressure re-distribution. A reclining wheelchair is a wheelchair with a reclining backrest. Typically light in weight, these chairs are ideal for users with orthostatic hypotension and hip extension contractures. They also allow to redistribute pressure to avoid skin breakdown. Aside from this, a reclining manual wheelchair can also make life a little more comfortable for people who use them as their primary means of mobility. The reclining feature moves incrementally to maximize safety and support while also preventing pressure sores.

A reclining seating system can be useful in a lot of ways. They are typically easier to adjust than tilt-in-space systems. It can also be easier to transfer someone into and out of a reclining chair. In addition, if the person using the chair uses a tray or something similar for work, eating or therapy, a reclining chair will allow them to shift position without disturbing their setup.Karma Aurora 4 Reclining Wheelchair

Reclining Wheelchairs with Head Support:

All Reclining Chairs have head support. The head support section is removable to save space (height) when folding or transporting the chair. With full length padded armrests, an adjustable height head pillow, and more this wheelchair has added comfort for any user. This chair also features swing-away elevating footrests and adjustable length leg supports and footplates. With a weight of 33 Lbs this chair can be transported with ease.

Flexible seating allows addition of cushions: 

Reclining Wheelchair will benefit from using a cushion such as the Comfort Company Support Pro Cushion with Gel. Nylon and Vinyl Seat Slings, as found on these Aurora 4 Wheelchair become uncomfortable within a short period time and do nothing to protect or treat skin integrity. The Comfort Company also makes a fully padded adjustable back that works well on recliners for added comfort.

Reclining wheelchairs are available in standard folding frames with extended head supports and seat widths up to 24″ wide. The recline mechanism is attendant operated with levers much like a bicycle brake lever. The levers operate hydraulic (pump) mechanisms for a smooth adjustment. Using this reclining mechanism, the chair back can easily and frequently be positioned to any angle.

Karma Aurora 3 Wheelchair

Karma Premium Wheelchair Aurora 3 Plus Wheelchair by Karma Healthcare Ltd to make it comfortable for the elderly and the disabled.

Aurora 3 wheelchair has Ultra light weight aluminum alloy frame which make sit a very light wheelchair and easy to operate. It can be folded and kept away easily.

Karma Aurora 3 Wheelchair Features

  • Ultra light weight aluminum alloy frame
  • Seat width : 16″/18″
  • Weight capacity : 100 kg
  • Flip back armrest
  • Swing away footrest
  • 8″ solid caster
  • 24″ solid rear wheel

Unfortunately, the threat of sheering and sliding can be a major drawback when it comes to reclining seating systems. While reclined, gravity can cause a user to slide down the back of the chair. This movement, as well as any corrective movement to re-position the user, can sometimes lead to skin-irritating shearing or worse – a user falling out of the chair and on to the floor.


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