Motorized Wheelchair – Caring for Aging Parents

Portable motorized wheelchair can be difficult. With large motors and frames, these chairs don’t always lend themselves to convenient transport. Most of these chairs are lightweight or disassemble, and some even feature foldable frames. Motorised wheelchairs are mobility aids with two or more wheels and have a top speed of 10km/h on level ground. Mobility scooters or ‘gophers’ are classified as motorised wheelchairs. A motorised wheelchair does not include a wheeled recreational device such as a motor scooter, pram, stroller, trolley or any other motor-assisted machine. An electric wheelchair, motorized wheelchair or E Throne Folding Power Wheelchair it’s the right device to help keep independent in home.

A motorized wheelchair is ideal for elderly who are unable to self propel a standard wheelchair – either just for longer distances or all the time. This could be due to decreased strength, endurance and/or coordination. Maybe they use a light weight wheelchair in their home and want to use a motorized wheelchair outside the home when they go to the mall, downtown or other locations in the community. Or maybe their health prevents them from using a standard wheelchair at all and they will benefit from having a battery powered version. This is sometimes the case for elderly with respiratory and cardiac issues.

E Throne Folding Power Wheelchair
  • Our Price :Rs 160000

E Throne Folding Power Wheelchair

E Throne Folding Power Wheelchair Features

  • Light Weight Power Wheelchair.
  • Easy folding / unfolding.
  • Longer Travel mileage
  • Backrest tilting angles.
  • Well designed frame for comfortable riding.
  • Supportable heavy.

Elderly Motorized Scooters

A motorized wheel chair has better maneuverability than a typical elderly scooter. It has a smaller turning radius so that it make quick, tight turns in confined spaces. Power wheelchairs accommodate more functions for seating and postural support than a scooter, including recline and tilt options. They have tire, wheel drive design options, and can handle more terrains – indoor and outdoor.

Motorized wheelchairs are designed for elderly who cannot safely walk around their home or senior housing community. Elderly Motorized Scooters also have difficulty self propelling a light weight Conqueror RS2 Power Wheelchair. Mobility Scooter Pros:

  • Beneficial for those who have mobility issues that doesn’t require a wheelchair

    Conqueror RS2 Power wheelchair
    •        Our Price :Rs 142000
  • Ability to be customized
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast speed capabilities

Conqueror RS2 Power wheelchair

Conqueror RS 2 Power wheelchair Description 

  • This power wheelchair is made on a rigid steel frame.
  • The Conqueror RS2 is an outdoor electric wheelchair that takes you anywhere you want to go with ease thanks to the PG controller.
  • The motors on this electric power wheelchair has an output of450W, 24V giving it excellent performance.
  • The electric wheelchair has outdoor capabilities and easily maneuvers on variety of road surfaces.

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