Bronco Wheelchair for Easy and Healthy Movement with Full Precautions

Bronco Wheelchair
Our Price Rs 249000

If you cannot self-propel, a power wheelchair can allow you to get around easily and independently. Because a variety of options are available, a power wheelchair can accommodate a range of mobility issues. Travel power wheelchair is available, as are models with center-wheel drive, which offers a tight-turning radius.

Many people cannot push a wheelchair with their own arm strength and may require a wheelchair powered by batteries. Power Wheelchair come in several basic styles. The traditional style looks like a beefed up standard manual plus the batteries, Motor and control systems. There are also platform-model power wheelchair with a more ordinary seat fixed atop a powered Base. Scooters come in three- and four-wheel configurations and are typically used by people who don’t require them full Time.

Comfort, mobility is a professional and a power scooter manufacturer established in 1978 in Taiwan. It Operates with the policy of combining high quality with innovation. With dedication to research and development, Bronco Wheelchair is exported around the world and earned solid reputation for its superior quality, comfort and convenience. Bronco wheelchair – comfortable, durable, designed for easy and healthy movement with full precautions.

Bronco Wheelchair Specifications:

  • Anchorage points
  • Adjustable footplates
  • LED front lights
  • Detachable backrest
  • Flip-back armrests
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Mechanic repairs
  • Optional handbrake

is made with a rigid steel frame. The Conqueror RS2 is an outdoor electric wheelchair that takes you anywhere you want to go with ease thanks to the PG controller. The motors on this electric power wheelchair has an output of450W, 24V giving it excellent performance. The electric wheelchair has outdoor capabilities and easily maneuvers on a variety of road surfaces.

Until just a few years ago, the power chair market was limited to just a few brands and models. Innovation has expanded The choices, though, with lighter, more powerful, and much faster wheelchair. Because power wheelchair is often quite Expensive, reimbursement is a key issue. Work with your funding sources, OT, seating specialists and rehab supplier to get The best set up.


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