Reclining Wheelchair Seating for People With Cardiac Surgery

Reclining Wheelchairs are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recline at incremental angles safely and comfortably. Typically used for accommodation of severe hip extension contractures, orthostatic hypotension, and pressure re-distribution for prevention of skin breakdown. Recliner Wheelchairs work better with elevating leg-rest; the user’s legs and feet can also be re-positioned for maximum comfort and health benefits. The “elevating leg-rest” are optional on some models. Reclining wheelchairs or tilt-in-space wheelchairs can make life easier for those with certain medical conditions. Reclining wheelchairs have a high back that reclines independently of the rest of the air, allowing the user to lie back in a more comfortable position. Tilt-in-space wheelchairs can move the seat, back, and leg rests together, allowing the user to move around with more stability.

For people with spinal cord injuries, the selection of a wheelchair and seating system involves many factors. This clinical perspective describes a model that includes consideration of the person, the wheelchair, the immediate environment between the person and the wheelchair, the intermediate environment of the home and work, and the community environment. Recliner chair are those who cannot achieve a 90-degree hip-to-back angle when sitting. For example, patients who have hip precautions following total hip replacement surgery, patients who have had cardiac surgery and might develop complications from sitting upright and patients who have orthostatic hypotension a condition where blood pressure dramatically declines when the person is brought to a vertical sitting position would be ideal candidates for Rainbow 8 Wheelchair .

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC
Our Price :Rs 9100

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC is one of the multipurpose chairs which boast of features like reclining, inbuilt commode, customized armrest and footrest and foldable nature of the chair.

Reclining Wheelchair 609 GC Features

  • The wheelchair can be folded within very easily within seconds, making it easier during travels and outings.
  • The backrest of the chair can be easily reclined, giving the user the freedom to relax by not moving up from the chair.
  • The footrest can be inclined and adjusted so as to make the user comfortable during reclining or otherwise.
  • A well paded thigh support is an add-on to the footrest.
  • The front and rear wheels of the chair are designed and placed in such a way so as to support the reclining of the user, making it a very safe and friendly wheelchair.
  • The inbuilt commode has its seat just underneath the main seat of the chair; it can be used by just removing the main seat.

Karma Econ 800 Wheelchair

The new multi-adjustable Econ 800 is a quality, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium alloy frame wheelchair. The swing-away and detachable footrest’s calf length can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly. Combine that with its flip-back armrest for easy access to desks as well as easy side transfers and you will notice the added convenience in your life.  The New ECON 800 will make you and your wallet smile.

Karma Econ 800 Wheelchair Features

Karma Econ 800 Wheelchair
Our Price :Rs 15200
  • Armrest: Swing back, padded
  • Wheels: Fixed, pneumatic tyres
  • Castor: Solid 8″
  • Brakes: Pull to lock and attendant braking system
  • Seat: Fixed height
  • Seat Sizes:, 18″x17″
  • Wheels Rear :24”
  • Seat Height 18”
  • Wheelchair Weight 14.9 kg

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