Folding Walker For Elderly

The Invalid Foldable adjustable walker plain provides a larger base of support facilitating balancing while walking. That have suffered from a stroke, post lower limb surgery, cerebral palsy, a lower limb fracture or any peripheral nerve disorder, walking again, is an exciting but challenging task. It provides four additional points of contact and a stable center for gravity positioning. The walker directs the load through the arms and the walking aid, thus lowering the impact and static forces transmitted to the affected limbs. Vissco Walker being light weight and having soft hand grips makes it an ideal walking companion.

Our Price : Rs  1925
When To Use


Post Surgery (TKR/THR) Cerebral Palsy


Lower Limb Peripheral

Nerve disorders

Folding Walker Plain Features

Space Saving

Rigid Support

Universal Fit

Adjustable Support

Vissco Wheelchair Regular

Wheelchairs are needed often and for a variety of reasons today. With a comfortable one like those available at Vissco, travel, mobility and comfort of a patient in need is no longer a concern. Completely fixed, with no detachable parts, this Vissco Wheelchair is comfortable, strong and provided with several features such as moulded arm rests, safety belts, padded seating, breaks on both sides, detachable leg rests etc to make the patient as secure as possible.

Our Price : Rs 8299

When To Use

Stroke patients.


Old age patients.

Handicapped/disable persons.

Lower limb illness/injury.

Vissco Wheelchair-Regular Features

Rigid Support

Adjustable Support


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