Metatarsal Pads For The Recovery Of Foot Injury

Metatarsal pads, usually referred to simply as met pads, are commonly prescribed shoe modification devices used for relief of pressure on the metatarsal head.1 The met pad is typically employed to shift the load from the metatarsal head to the shaft of the metatarsal and surrounding tissue, decreasing the pressure at the met head and providing relief of symptoms in that area. “It’s all about the stress transfer, so what you’re trying to do is unload a certain spot on the foot—generally the met head with a met pad—and transfer it to a more proximal region.

Met pads date back to at least the 1930s, when orthopedist Emil Hauser, MD, would hand-make longitudinal arch met pads out of surgical wool felt and apply them directly to patients’ shoes. Since then, increasing utilization of met pads has been accompanied by significant improvements, and a variety of designs are now available. Metatarsalgia, or pain on the plantar aspect of the foot in the region of the met heads, is a common problem that usually arises when the pressure tolerance of the focal tissue under the met heads is exceeded

Tynor Metatarsal Pad Silicon (Pair) K-08 is specially designed to protect the forefoot area. Metatarsal Pads Indiacan be used by the people suffering from metatarsalgia. It is made of high quality silicone. It is soft and comfortable to use. It has cushion pad that provides cushion like support to the ball of your foot.

It evenly distributes the pressure exerted on it due to the body weight and gravity. It can be permanently glued with the help of adhesive which it already contains. It relieves your foot from painful corns, blisters and burning sensation. This pad is reusable and odourless. It absorbs the shocks and jerks exerted on foot. It is easy to clean and maintain. It realigns the muscle imbalance in the foot. Get relief from the severe metatarsal pain in an effective way.

Tynor Metatarsal Pad Silicon (Pair) K-08 Use & Benefit
pain in an effective way.Tynor Metatarsal Silicon Pad
Mimics joint natural movement
Promotes the return of overextended toes to their normal position
Realigns the metatarsal heads
Elevates your heel to reduce pressure from external forces
Soft pad cushions the ball of foot
Absorbs shocks and jerks
Very light weighted
Can be used regularly
Can be permanently glued under your show with the help of adhesive
Odourless and reusable
Evenly distributes the pressure from external forces
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Body-E-Toner, the Electronic Muscle Exerciser is specially designed for muscle toning and strengthening for professional beauty salons, sports, medicine as well as home use. It delivers mild electronic pulses which cause contractions similar to voluntary exercise but faster and controllable. With Body-e-Toner, beauty salons can easily provide their clients a complete package of beauty treatments for body besides their regular facial treatments.

It delivers mild electronic pulses which cause contractions similar to voluntary exercise but faster and controllable. With eight channels (16 electrodes) 8 different muscle groups can be treated simultaneously. The therapist can also target specific needs according to the area being treated. Its medically proven waveforms make exercising the muscles and achieving a shapely body almost effortless. This ABS constructed instrument is strong, sturdy and user friendly. It is portable so it can be carried along easily for use at home, clinic or sports center. It has a pleasant design and operating structure with clear grouping of channels and their controls. Body E Toner EME 882

EME 882 Ideal for :
Strengthening and improving muscle tone.
Complete body is treated at a time.
Uplift sagging abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
Increase local blood circulation
Muscle re-education
Post Natal improvement.
Toning and firming of body muscles.

Body-E-Toner EME 882 Special Features
8 channels to treat 8 different muscle group differently.
2 patients can be treated simultaneously using 2 different programs.
Separate Intensity control on each channel.
Delivers electronic mild pulse through pads.
Versatile device for muscle stimulation.
ABS constructed instrument.
Strong sturdy and user-friendly device.
Pleasant design and operating structure with clear grouping of channels and their controls.
8 Isolated channels for 8 muscle groups.
1 Year Standard Warranty.


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