Commode Wheelchair Friendly for Differently Abled

A commode chair is designed to act as a second toilet for individuals who are recovering from an injury or illness and are unable to walk to the bathroom. By using a bedside commode  during recovery lower the risk of falling and re-injuring yourself. A commode also makes it easier for caretakers to effectively care for there patients without having to transfer their patient all the way to the bathroom. In some instances the existing bathroom’s doorway is to narrow for an individuals wheelchair to go through safely. In cases like these a bedside commode is an affordable option compared to remolding the existing bathroom.
The definition of a Karma Rainbow 6 Commode Wheelchair is a portable toilet that can be placed at the bedside of a patient whose activity is limited; these are often used in the home when the patient is too debilitated to reach the bathroom. The receptacle for waste can be removed and emptied.  While commode chairs are mostly used inside the bedroom there are a variety of different commodes such as :16499205872s
  • Shower Commodes
  • Portable Commodes
  • Bariatric Commodes
Benefits The Most By Using A Commode Chair:

Individuals who suffer from:

  • Arthritis
  • Balance problems
  • Joint issues
  • Illness
  • Disability
  • Aging
Commode Wheelchair Rainbow 6
Karma commode wheelchair rainbow 6 comes with lot of exiting features for elderly or physically challenged person who want commode in wheelchair. Karma Rainbow 6 has single seat with center cut commode having cushion cover on top and removable pan or plastic commode seat with pot.

Karma Wheelchair KM 7501
Karma Wheelchair KM 7501 Pediatric Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair for children. It’s ergonomically antelope horn-shaped handle makes it easy to steer and push the chair, and vertical footrest allow legs to be placed in the correct position. One-piece footplate increases stability. The wheelchair has a great look with a bright color and modern style.
Karma Healthcare Wheelchair KM 7501 Features
  • Karma Healthcare Wheelchair KM-7501 Paediatric Wheelchair offers here-we-go handle
  • Caring footrest
  • Seat width: 11″ or 13.5″
  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Outward extended front wheels
  • 6″ solid caster and 14″ solid rear wheel
  • Maximum user weight: 60Kg
  • One Year Warranty

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