Electric Scooter-A Nature Friendly Machine

An electric scooter is a vehicle that runs with electric power. Unlike conventional scooters that run based on gas or oil, electric scooters don’t require fuel for their functioning. Electric scooters are exclusively propelled by a throttle control and a DC motor. An electric bicycle (or ebike) is normally but not always activated by the use of the pedals to power the motor (pedal assist or pedelec) without a throttle.

With the rising prices of fuel and increases in the concern of global warming and the environment, electric scooters and motorbikes are becoming in demand. there are some advantages of owning and running an electric scooter or motorbike:

The fuel prices of running an electric scooter or motorbike is a fraction of running a petrol driven machine.

Extremely quiet performance

Very environmentally friendly, no emissions at source.

Very covenant to recharge, it can be done at home!

Lower maintenance, which equals lower maintenance costs!

If you wish… electric scooters and motorcycles can be ridden indoors!

Electric scooters and motorcycles are cheaper to buy and are more affordable than electric cars.

Electric Scooter India
Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 with CTS Suspension offers a smooth ride with performance to match. Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS) is the next generation in mobility scooter ride comfort. Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 first technology incorporates advanced suspension components for improved absorption over rough surfaces, and a more comfortable ride experience over various terrains.

Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 Features

  • Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension.
  • Feather-touch disassembly permits simple frame separation with only one hand.
  • Delta tiller with wraparound handles.
  • Crush Proof Front Basket.
  • Black, non-scuffing tires.Large Electric Scooters LY EW415
  • Back-lit battery gauge.

Auto connecting front to rear harness.

  • Easy Grip Tiller adjustment knob.
  • Easy access tiller-mounted charger port.
  • Storage compartment below tiller.
  • Enhanced flush-mounted horn buttons.

Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 Specifications

  • Large medium scooter
  • 450W motor(Optional 550W/750W)?
  • 50AH battery
  • Max speed: 12 km/h
  • Max loading: 150 kg
  • Suspension in front and rear wheels

A wheelchair is a chair with wheels, designed to be a replacement for walking. The device comes in variations where it’s propelled by motors or by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by hand. Often there are handles behind the seat for someone else to do the pushing. Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability. People with both sitting and walking disability often need to use a wheel bench.

There are many types of wheelchairs including manual, power, sports and recreational chairs for all ages and sizes available. There are standard (folding) wheelchairs that fit most general needs and then there are custom (rigid) built wheelchairs. Custom chairs are usually more expensive to purchase initially. E Throne Folding Wheelchair for elderly and disabled We are engaged in exporting excellent quality Folding Power E Throne Wheelchair For Elderly And Disabled. Detachable armrest Height adjustable and detachable footrest Retroverted high backet Seat.

E Throne Reclining Folding Power Wheelchair  is a lightweight electric wheelchair made of aerospace aluminum alloy which can be folded in 5 seconds in a small size. It is composed of a very durable lightweight aluminum alloy. Once you sit on the E Throne wheelchair you will know it is extremely durable and you will enjoy every minute of driving it. It can be put in a sedan car which is portable for outside activities. It uses hight efficiency brushless hub motor and a brushless joystick controller. 50% battery saving and10 times longer working life.

E Throne Folding Power Wheelchair Features

  • Light Weight Power Wheelchair.
  • Easy folding / unfolding.E Throne Folding Power Wheelchair
  • Longer Travel mileage
  • Backrest tilting angles.
  • Well designed frame for comfotable riding.
  • Supportable heavy.

E Throne Folding Power Wheelchair Specifications

  • Light Weight:  30kg.
  • Quickest Foldable in a second
  • Longer Travel mileage : over 28 Km. (18 miles)
  • Back rest tilting 5 inclinable angles.
  • Support heavy load: max 150 kg
  • Breakthrough brushless wheelchair drive technologies:
  • Hight efficiency brushless hub motor.
  • Brushless joystick controller.
  • 50% battery saving.
  • 10 times longer working life.
  • Best quality LiFePO4 battery: 24v10AH (4.6 kg)
  • 1000 charging cycles.
  • Safe, light, reliable
  • pollution free
  • Self upgrade able wheel sizes – 8″/10″//12″

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