Folding Wheelchairs For The Elderly & Disabled

Wheelchairs have been around for hundreds of years, but early wheelchairs were intended only to help a disabled individual move from point to point. As society progressed and disabled individuals became more integrated, the role of the wheelchair began to change as well. Wheelchairs are now considered not only a means of transportation but also as a way to allow users to express their individuality. Users can find custom-made high quality ultra-light high-performance wheelchairs as well as accessories that enable them to individualize their look and style. The primary advantage of a foldable wheelchair is that it is able to be folded and put in the car trunk with out removing the big back wheels. This one single advantage has made the foldable wheelchair one of the most selling type of wheelchair. In some parts of the world as much as ninety percent of manual wheelchairs are foldable. But there are numerous disadvantages to foldable wheelchairs.
A folding wheelchair requires many moving parts in order to fold. These moving parts give the wheelchair a lot more weight. The joints which allow the folding permit vibration and a loss of energy causing them to be significantly less efficient when the wheelchair user pushes on the wheelchair. As the foldable wheelchair ages, these joints may become even loser and even less efficient. In addition, many inexpensive Foldable Wheelchair Indore don’t fit well to the wheelchair user, causing them to be uncomfortable when used for a lengthy time. The Advantage of Folding Wheelchair provides comfort and durability at an affordable price. Designed as a low maintenance wheelchair, it offers an attractive silver vein durable hammer tone steel finish and comes standard with padded upholstery.
Folding Wheelchair
Easily maneuvered, these chairs ensure minimum effort for the user With complete folding, footrest and detachable armrest, these chairs offer a comfortable mobility option to the user, Light weight and portable making it easy to use, Very useful for Patients.
Folding Wheelchair
Our Price :Rs 8350

Folding Wheelchair Features

  • Low cost Folding wheelchair
  • Self propelled
  • Hand brakes
  • Solid wheels
  • Solid castor in front.
  • Useful for Occasional or temporary use
Folding Wheelchair Measurements
  • Seat width : 18″
  • Weight capacity : 100 kgs
  • Net weight : 18 kgs
Side Wheels For Hero Pleasure – ARAI Approved
ARAI Approved Side Wheel Attachment for Hero Pleasure or Side Wheels For Hero Pleasure or ARAI Certificate Side Wheels for handicapped is product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can drive easily their bike on road using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks. We provides assembly and installation for all of our products at our facilities in Indore. We conduct free consultations for all prospective customers to see how we can fulfill your specific needs.
We manufacture Side Wheel Attachment For Hero Pleasure to fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible.
Side Wheels For Hero Pleasure
Our Price :Rs 11750
Side Wheels For Hero Pleasure Features
  • Independent Mobility
  • Minimal Cost
  • Heavy Duty
  • International quality standards
  • Comfort
  • High level of performance
  • Carrying Capacity: 100 -150 kg
  • Sturdy design

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