Karma Play an Important Role in Healthcare Support


The “Three focuses” strategy has guided Karma in consistently choosing the best course of action for enhancing the added value of its products and brand.

Karma Healthcare
Our Price : Rs 5500


In Karma’s early days, we formulated a “Focus on Quality” strategy to establish and strengthen ourselves.


Building on the solid quality reputation, we subsequently developed a “Focus on Branding” strategy to grow in international markets.


Moving forward with the “Focus on Elegance” strategy, we are currently collaborating with our global partners

to develop products with unique styles to suit varying needs.

“Fit” is the core value of brand. Our R&D teams, regardless of where they are,rigorously follow this ultimate guiding principle in the development of new products. That is, our products must:

  • Fit the body of the user.
  • Fit the user’s medical conditions.
  • Fit the user’s environment.

These three core considerations have ensured that Karma’s products are directly responsive to our customers’ needs. Since the technology of mobility aids continues to emerge, and that Europe and Australia are leading the charge, KARMA has established design and technical centers in several countries. By collaborating with first-class therapists and top-notch design teams in multiple regions, KARMA stays on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology development.

Karma Automatic BP Monitor:

Karma Automatic BP Monitor World’s only BP Monitor with patented AFIB technology that detects Atrial Fibrillation. Advance and Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor with BHS A/A Protocol Compliant and Clinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients with MAM Technology.

Karma Automatic BP Monitor Features:

Karma Healthcare India
Our Price : Rs 5500
  • BHS A/A Protocol Compliant
  • Clinically Tested for Cardiopatic, Pregnant Women, Diabetics, Dialysis Patients
  • MAM Technology (3-Reading Average Mode for Reliable Results)
  • Measure Pulse Rate
  • 200 Reading-Memory with Time and Date
  • Accurate Calibration
  • Large Display
  • Rechargeable Battery-friendly
  • Low-battery indication
  • Power Adapter included
  • Universal Cuff 22-42cm
  • 3 Years Guarantee

We Strongly Believe That:

Customer satisfaction is optimized when we offer the best “Fit” mobility aid products based on the seamless integration of the above three strategies. This is the core management philosophy of KARMA.

This philosophy has been a critical part of KARMA’s DNA ever since the company was established in 1987, and Research & Development and brand marketing have always been central in KARMA’s growth.

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