Therapy Equipments For Finger Injury And Hand Muscle

A Vissco splint is a device that supports and protects body parts that have been injured, such as a broken bone or muscle sprain. A splint may also be worn after surgery. A splint is sometimes called a half-cast because it does not wrap around an entire body area like a cast does. A splint is used to decrease pain and stop or limit movement so you can heal. Unlike casts, caregivers can easily adjust a splint if you have swelling or pain after an injury.
Mallet Finger Splint
A Mallet finger splint is required when the tendon in outermost joint of a finger is ripped. We can also say when the tip of the finger gets injured due to sports injury, or jammed your finger in the door.  Mallet Splint splint is designed in such a way that it supports the dip joint in hyper extension, while the movement of the PIP joint does not get restricted. The splint that we make at GPC Medical ensures that the patient suffers no discomfort of any kind while wearing it. It is coated with an aluminum body which can be bent and is customized. It is designed in the most practical way to immobilize only the hyper extension of DIP joint. The inbuilt hook loop fasteners help to easily wear and remove it while giving it an excellent grip.
Tynor Mallet Finger Splint
Mallet finger Specially design to correct the mallet finger deformity. Designed to support the dip joint in hyper- extension, while permitting unrestricted movement of the PIP joint.
Sleek and convenient.
Customizable dorsiflexion.
  • Our Price:Rs 61
Comfortable cushioning.
One universal size.
Tynor Mallet Finger Splint Features
Coated aluminum body
Malleable can be bent and customized
Strong, provides rigid immobilization
Light weight
Ergonomic design
Highly practical design to maintain the requisite hyper extension of DIP joint
Well ventilated and comfortable
Sleek and simple –Better compliance
Easy application and removal.
Ethafoam lining
High cushioning
Enhanced comfort
Easy to clean and maintain.
Inbuilt Hook loop fasteners
Close fitting and excellent grip
Easy application and removal.
Gell ball is a Occupational Therapy Equipment which used for hand exercise in various hand muscle. and improve the injured muscle.
Gel Ball Extra Soft
Gel Ball Soft Available in Two color.
Occupational Therapy Equipment
  • Our Price:Rs 205
1. Red
2. Yellow
Gel Ball Extra Soft Features
Use for hand exercise in various hand muscle.
Weakness conditions like Rheumatoid arthrietes.
Paralysis of hand, hemeplagia etc.
Post fracture & Post operated hand weakness condition.
Gel Ball Extra Soft Measurements
S (1.5″ diameter )
M (2.0″ diameter )
L (2.5″ diameter )

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