Walking Stick For A Patient To Walk Easily

Manish Steel Works Established in the year 1982 by Mr. Kishore Kumar Batra, We are unique well renowned largest Tricycle, Wheelchair, Wheelchairs, Handicapped Products Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We have a large selection of product in India to help our customers live a pleasurable, efficient lifestyle both inside and outside of their home.

Walker which is Usefull to walk easily. there are many category of walker like some walker’s for children and some for patient etc. Safety often outweighs comfort in many of these applications. Institutions such as Smart Crutch have even manufactured an ergonomic disability crutch that is able to provide comfortable use. This particular pair of crutches is known to eliminate pressure on the wrists and arm pits and can even reduce the friction and inflammation caused by a lot of crutch use. With the Smart Crutch you can say goodbye to the discomforts often associated with disability.
We offer Manual Adjustable Walkers which is fabricated using qualitative raw material like stainless steel pipe, aluminum and ms steel pipe. These walkers are specially designed for aged and handicapped people. The walker can be adjustable as per the requirement and can be used for both, outdoor and indoor purpose.
Tynor Walking Stick L Type
Tynor Walking Stick is a general purpose walking aid, which can be used by geriatric or weak patients, or can be used as post operative rehabilitation aid. Made out of special grade of aluminum to ensure high strength, durability and light weight. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing.
Strong and Durable.
Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Our Price:Rs 338
Easy height adjustment.
Anti slip pods.
Tynor Walking Stick L Type Features
Made special grade of Aluminum
Light weight
Strong and durable
Good weight bearing
Hard Anodized
Perfect aesthetics.
Long life of the coating.
Available in multiple colors.
Very long life.
Better aesthetics.
Anti slip properties.
Excellent workmanship
Good functioning.
Easy size customization.
Good aesthetics.
ABS Handle
Anatomical shape.
Comfortable grip.
Nice to touch.
ARAI Approved Side Wheel Attachment for Honda Activa or Side Wheels For Honda Activa or Three wheeler for handicapped is product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can drive easily their bike on road using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks. We provides assembly and installation for all of our products at our facilities in Indore. We conduct free consultations for all prospective customers to see how we can fulfill your specific needs.
We manufacture Side Wheel Attachment For Activa to fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible.
Side Wheel Attachment For Activa Measurements
Frame : 38 mm 16 Gauge CR Pipe  With Powder Coated
Arai Certificate Side Wheels
  • Our Price:Rs 11750
Wheel  Hub : Alloys Molded
2 Piece Tyre Size : 3.50 x 10 Inches
2 Piece Tube Size : 3.50 x 10 inches
2 Piece Shocks Up Heavy Duty
4 Piece ball baring
2 Piece pin bush
2 Piece mudguard chrome plated
2 Piece Disk with 4 Hole
Wheel Type: Alloy Wheel
Width: 40” to 48” inch
Carrying Capacity: 100 -150 kg
Side Wheels For Honda Activa Features
Independent Mobility
Minimal Cost
Heavy Duty
International quality standards
High level of performance
Carrying Capacity: 100 -150 kg
Sturdy design
Provides excellent balance
Provides excellent support
High durability

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