Eco-Friendly Electric Scooter For Handicapped

Electric scooters are seen as very promising alternatives to mainstream transports such as the ones that run using fuel. Since they utilize electricity for functioning, there is no dependency whatsoever on fuel when use e-scooters. This also results in saving the fast-depleting natural resource such as oil and gas. Being eco-friendly and not leaving a carbon footprint is one of the biggest benefits of electric scooters. As the name says, they run with the help of electric power, and they don’t burn the fuel and pollute the environment by emitting dangerous fumes. They are also cheaper to maintain, than the fuel powered counterparts.

Electric Scooter India have gathered love and respect of thousands of people all over the world due to numerous benefits they provide to users. Even though they are yet to penetrate deeply into many households in many countries, it’s worth highlighting the advantages they offer to us.
Electric scooters are not new concept, but they are becoming more relevant in today’s conditions, and more practical usage of them is being seen globally. Differently-able people find a huge benefit in electric scooters, considering the convenience they have to offer. Operating an electric scooter is easy and manageable. A 3 or 4 wheeled electric scooter is more suitable option in this category.
Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415
Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 with CTS Suspension offers a smooth ride with performance to match. Comfort-Trac Suspension (CTS) is the next generation in mobility scooter ride comfort. Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 first technology incorporates advanced suspension components for improved absorption over rough surfaces, and a more comfortable ride experience over various terrains.
Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 Features
Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension.
Feather-touch disassembly permits simple frame separation with only one hand.
Delta tiller with wraparound handles.
Crush Proof Front Basket.
Black, non-scuffing tires.
Back-lit battery gauge.
Full LED lighting package that includes curb and rear lights
Electric Scooter India
  • Our Price:Rs125000
Auto connecting front to rear harness.
Easy Grip Tiller adjustment knob.
Easy access tiller-mounted charger port.
Storage compartment below tiller.
Enhanced flush-mounted horn buttons.
Large Electric Scooters LY-EW415 Specifications
Large medium scooter
450W motor(Optional 550W/750W)?
50AH battery
Max speed: 12 km/h
Max loading: 150 kg
Suspension in front and rear wheels
The folding wheelchair design is not optimized for performance. The casters are placed behind the footrests to allow the wheelchair to fold properly. This type of wheelchair design puts a lot of weight on the casters. The rigid wheelchair distance between the footrest and casters is usually much shorter, placing more weight on the rear wheels. Less weight on the front casters means easier turning for the rigid chair user.
There are many types of wheelchairs including manual, power, sports and recreational chairs for all ages and sizes available. There are standard (folding) wheelchairs that fit most general needs and then there are custom (rigid) built wheelchairs.
Easily maneuvered, these chairs ensure minimum effort for the user With complete folding, footrest and detachable armrest, these chairs offer a comfortable mobility option to the user, Light weight and portable making it easy to use, Very useful for Patients.
Foldable Wheelchair On Rent
  • Our Price:Rs 8350
Folding Wheelchair Features
Low cost Folding wheelchair
Self propelled
Hand brakes
Solid wheels
Solid castor in front.
Useful for Occasional or temporary use
Folding Wheelchair Measurements
Seat width : 18″
Weight capacity : 100 kgs
Net weight : 18 kgs

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