Electric Wheelchair Helps Patient To Move Independently

Power mobility or electric wheelchair allows people to move within their home and community and it can help maximize independence for those with limited mobility. The two main types of power mobility available are in the form of electric scooters or electric wheelchairs. The choice to use either an electric scooter versus an electric wheelchair depends on the users’ needs and abilities. Knowing some of the benefits of power wheelchairs can help in making the right decision.

Some senior citizens come to a point in their life when they realize they may need help walking. Assistance can be due to old injuries flaring up, arthritis, hip problems, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many other issues. While the realization that you need help to walk may be a difficult fact to accept, but there is a bright side to the situation. There are many benefits that wheelchairs provide to senior citizens.
  • Our Price:Rs 84500

Mobility – Chances are over a span of years, the mobility has become increasingly affected and the activities have lessened, resulting in a lifestyle that is mainly spent indoors. Wheelchairs provide the freedom to move around as wish. Most wheelchairs are designed to fit into small, tight spaces. This allows to move within the home easily giving a more comfortable and active lifestyle. Many wheelchairs provide support for back and comfortable seating. patient will be able to be seated comfortably with strong support that encourages good posture.

Ostrich Power Wheelchair Verve Fx
Verve FX is a folding powered wheelchair designed for indoor and level surface mobility. This powered wheelchair is the best choice for basic mobility and portability. Fold it and the Verve FX fits in to the smallest car’s trunk. The all new design makes this wheelchair more rugged and long lasting.
Ostrich Power Wheelchair Verve Fx Features
Call alarm, fault alarm, reverse alarm
Low voltage alarm.
Key pad locking.
Mobility cut-off while charging.
Auto shut-off after 3 minutes.
Five speed selector.
Length adjustable joystick control unit
Foldable and adjustable
Wide arm rest with height and width adjustment.
Basic seat.
Removable seat back rest.
Removable calf support.
Electronic Wheel Chair In Pune
  • Our Price:Rs 86750

The need to use a wheelchair can arise from an accident, illness or simply the deterioration of health as you grow older. Dealing with the change can be stressful due to the numerous adaptations your life will take: You will no longer have the mobility and freedom you used to enjoy. Getting used to your new life on wheels will be challenging, but these changes do not have to be negative.

Initially, many wheelchair users experience feelings of grief, loss, depression and anger. It’s important to have a strong support system around you to help you deal with these emotions. This will likely include family and friends, but you may also wish to seek services of a qualified counselor and occupational therapist.
Karma KP 10.3 S Power Wheelchair
Ergonomic seat system provides comfortable seating
Tool-free disassembled into 3 parts for traveling
Quick-release battery pack
Washable upholstery
Height adjustable and flip back armrest
2-level adjustable back angle

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