Spoke Wheel Wheelchair Specially Designed For Disabled

A physical disability presents unique challenges for the individual, the family and the caregivers. Our wheelchair blog is here to empower all of you with tips, trends in wheelchair technology, wheelchair news, inspiring stories, insightful interviews, medical breakthroughs, helpful links, the latest in adaptive products, disability news, upcoming events and, of course, information about AMS Vans’ wheelchair accessible vehicles. We focus on anything and everything that enriches your life and makes it easier.

Buying a handicap accessible wheelchair is a defining moment in the life of an individual who wants manageable mobility beyond the normal chair. We have handicap wheelchair’s for sale, and we want to ensure the process—from the moment it begins—is as smooth as possible. When you purchase a wheelchair from us, the process never truly ends, because you become part of the wheelchairindia family. Just like family, we stay in touch and care about your happiness. We have 25 years of valuable experience in Wheelchairs, Tricycles Manufacturing. A complete range of product to adult and children, use of innovative designing for creating better products, Customized product manufacturing in India, experience of supplying to large Governments bodies.

Black Magic Wheelchair With Spoke Wheel
Buy Wheelchair suitable for low budget, Temporary or occasional use. Comes with a 6 month Manufacturers Warranty against defects. Steel Wheels provide sturdy support to the Wheelchair User. Fixed Footrest and Armrest . Completely Foldable Wheelchair. It has Special sealed bearings used for smooth movement All chairs epoxy powder coated in two color shades Back and seat made from double bonded vinyl fabric with upholstery for comfort and durability.

Black Magic Wheelchair With Spoke Wheel Features
Safety belt providedBuy Wheelchair
16 sealed bearings used
Moulded small wheels used
Moulded leg rest paddle
Big spoke wheel provided fitted with solid rubber tyre

Black Magic Wheelchair With Spoke Wheel Measurements
Weight Capacity            :     90 kgs.
Folded Width               :     27 Cms
Seat Width                 :     44 Cm
Overall Width              :     66 Cm.
Net Weight                 :     17 kgs.
Total Height               :     86 Cms
Seat Height from the floor :     50 Cms.
Overall Length             :     106 Cms.
Fixed Foot Rest
Fixed Armrest
6 Months manufacturer’s warranty.
Manish Steel Works Established in the year 1982 by Mr. Kishore Kumar Batra, We are unique well renowned largest Tricycle, Wheelchair, Wheelchairs, Handicapped Products Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We have a large selection of product in India to help our customers live a pleasurable, efficient lifestyle both inside and outside of their home.

Modified Black Magic Wheelchair With Mag Wheels
The Modified Black magic wheel chair has a complete black powder coated frame and is completely fixed with no detachable parts. It is possible to however to fold this wheel chair. Other features include breaks on both sides, padded seats, lifter rod on both sides, 12 sealed bearings, & detachable leg rests. The heavy gauge of steel used ensures it is good for Indian road conditions. Its fiber molded small wheels, and leg rest paddle make it an even more promising choice.

It is important to be independent. A good wheel chair does just that, for those that cannot move around as easily as others. That includes stroke patients, old age patients, handicapped or disabled people and others that might have suffered from a lower limb injury. With a comfortable one like those available at Vissco, travel, mobility and comfort of a patient in need is no longer a concern. Completely fixed and foldable, this Wheelchair Price is low which makes one truly independent.

When To Use –
Stroke patients
Old age patients
Handicapped/disable persons
Lower limb illness/injury.

Modified Black Magic Wheelchair With Mag Wheels Features
Moulded arm restsWheelchair Price
Safety belts
Padded seating
Breaks on both sides
Detachable leg rests
Leg rest paddle
Completely fixed and foldable
Its fiber molded small wheels
Black powder coated frame
Lifter rod on both sides
12 sealed bearings

Modified Black Magic Wheelchair With Mag Wheels Measurements
Weight Capacity :     90 kgs.
Folded Width    :        27 Cms
Seat Width      :        44 Cm
Overall Width   :        66 Cm.


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