Best Tricycle for Handicapped

Handicap Tricycle
Our Price : Rs 7500

Most of the people who depend on these tricycles are daily wage workers who have to travel long distances every day. The regular have no suspension and the riders are prone to spinal injuries. Most of them also cannot afford good medical care, and driving these tricycles for a long time affects their back. he added.

To deal with the problem, the team has come up with a model tricycle that can be very useful to people who have a disability.

The tricycle we have developed has parts that can be fitted by screws and the cranks and support can be changed according to the person’s need.

Tricycle Regular Single Hand Drive:

Frame : Made by E.R.W. Tubes 38.0 mm-16 G. 25.4 mm & 22.22 mm- 18 G.

Seat & Back : M S, C.R.C. Sheet. Seat Size 18″x 16″

Wheel Size : Wheel Diameter 24″x 1 1/2″ Tyre and Tube Standard Company.

Parts : Standard Quality.

Color : Black Painted.

Brake : Front Wheel liver System.

Drive : Rear Wheel Right Side.

Well, on a human powered recumbent tadpole , a mile is a thing of beauty, a long and intimate mingling with the natural world not even remotely possible for the steel box dwellers from the land of modern expectations.


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