Cast Shoe-Medical Boots For Injured Leg

A cast shoe helps to immobilize the movement of the ankle, foot and calf, and supports the user’s weight while walking. Dependent upon the individual patient requirements, cast shoes come in a variety of configurations, styles and formats, with differing heights and cushioning choices to better customize the fit for each user.
One of the best ways to get a foot or ankle problem to heal is to rest it. But of course, it’s hard to rest foot and still carry on your normal activities. cast shoes allow to rest the foot while still walking around and doing the day to day activities. And cast shoes are not just for fractures. In our Seattle foot and ankle clinic we also prescribe them for heel pain, ball of foot pain, tendonitis and other problems.
Cast Shoe replaces the functions of the normal shoe when patient is on plaster cast of the foot. Prevents excessive wear & tear of the cast and reduces impact on the injured foot. It improves gait of the patient on foot cast.
Tynor Cast Shoe
  • Our Price:Rs 356
Wearing convenience.
Light weight
Smart and trendy
Sturdy construction
Tapered sole.
Tynor Cast Shoe Feature
Made from Light weight and water proof materials
Protects the plaster cast of the foot.
Prevents soiling of the cast.
Prevents wetting.
Better patient compliance.
Prevents wear and tear/ mechanical damage to foot cast.
Tapered sole
Restores normal gait.
Improves balance of patient on foot cast.
Hypoallergenic, Ensures no rash or allergy even to old age patients.
Helps in early ambulation.
Hook loop closure system
Ensures flexible sizing.
Easy application and removal of the shoe.
A broken Collar bone (broken Clavicle) is a very common shoulder injury. A broken collar bone frequently occurs when someone falls onto an out stretched hand. The Collar bone (Clavicle) is attached centrally to the sternum and at its outer side to the shoulder complex. This arrangement means that when a person falls onto an outstretched hand, the force is transmitted up the arm resulting in a collar bone fracture. Sometimes a direct blow to the clavicle can also result in a broken Collar bone.
Clavicle brace is especially designed to allow a broken collar bone or damaged AC joint to heal in the best position. and that’s why clavicle braces are best for the recovery of collar bone injury.
Tynor Clavicle Brace With Buckle is scientifically designed to immobilize, compress and ensure linear union of fractures involving the clavicle bone. It is used where neither neuro vascular disturbances are severe, nor surgery is required.
Tynor Clavicle Brace with Buckle
  • Our Price:Rs 283
Linear union.
No loosening with time.
No abrasion, no rash.
Comfortable auxiliary padding.
Tynor Clavicle Brace with Buckle Features
Claw buckles
Easy to apply.
No loosening with time.
Ethafoam Buckle pad
Ensures protection from buckle injury.
Improves comfort of the patient.
Soft PU foam padding
Ensures No underarm rash.
Improves comfort of the patient.
Improves compliance of the product.
Figure of eight design with lateral vector
Ensures linear union of the clavicle bone.
Allows the required movement of the area with perfect immobilization of the clavicle bone.
Easy application and tightening of the product.

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