A Unique Air Tight Cast Cover For A Confident Shower

The cast cover fits snug yet comfortable offering protection during a shower, a bath, and even an active swim. Unlike “modified garbage bag” products, the cast protection offered by the waterproof protector is unmatched, it cannot come off. You can’t even pull it off.Waterproof cast protectors appeal to healthcare professionals because they fit easily over the affected area for a waterproof seal allowing children and adults to safely take a shower or bath, even with a cast or a bandage.
A Leg Cast Cover will keep a leg cast, brace, splint or dressing dry while you bathe or shower. It’s a simple idea – a tough, polyvinyl cover keeps water off the cast. A latex-free, watertight seal below the knee allows easy fitting and removal, but prevents water from entering the cover.
Cast covers Keeps a cast dry in the bath or shower. It Works equally well with leg braces, splints bandages and dressings. It also helps to prevent infections caused by a damp, unhygienic cast or dressing.
Cast protector is designed to be fast, easy to use, and effective at keeping the cast dry while in the shower. there is uses a special rubberized application ring to create a water-tight seal for worry free bathing.  It features a more durable polyvinyl outer bag that holds up to daily use without tearing like cheaper varieties. The Cast Cover comes in different lengths to provide adequate coverage for every type of cast – short or long. Simply measure from the end of the hand along the course of the cast ending an inch above the top of the cast to determine the correct length needed.
Cast Cover – Leg is a reusable cast/bandage/wound protector, designed to provide water tight cover to the cast/bandage/wound and keep it dry during the shower or rain.Tynor Cast Cover Leg
Automatic water seal.
Easy pull on application.
No knots, no ties.
Anatomic design.
Free hand or foot movements.
Tynor Cast Cover Leg Features
Rubber Diaphragm
Expandable to accommodate any leg/cast size, provides water tight seal, ensures easy pull on application without tapes or straps.
Rigid ring
Offers a self-sealing mechanism and is easy to wear, remove and clean.
Transparent flexible body
Comfortably houses the arm/cast, is non porous and water tight but soft and flexible. It is durable, non sticky, light in weight, with pleasing aesthetics and ergonomic shape.
The Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer is a specific shoulder support that has an arm loop that wraps around the bicep (humerus) to keep the upper arm from rising up. There is another second hold point where the wrist will attach to the waist band with hook and loop fasteners. The arm with the injured shoulder will simply rest downward in an easy ‘L’ position.The Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer is a device to help secure an arm position for those who need to help heal a shoulder injury. This device will effectively hold in place both the upper and lower arm at two points. The support is made to be both comfortable and effective for a proper shoulder mend.
Shoulder Immobiilizer is an sling designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Wide cotton and elastic chest belt. the Immobilizer has a padded wrist support, an upper arm support, and a contact closure chest band.
Arm or shoulder slings can be used for different types of conditions of the shoulder, arm, elbow or wrist in adults and pediatrics. These conditions can be caused from a strain, surgery, dislocation, fracture or injury. The immobilizer will fit either left or right shoulders and comes in four sizes from large adult to youth. Sizing is made simply by measuring the diameter of the person’s torso. Immobilizer device is good for those who have an injured rotator cuff, or any shoulder injury where rotating the shoulder can interfere with the normal healing process.
Elastic Belt Shoulder Immobilizer is a lightweight, sleek and smart design to provide immobilization in shoulder dislocation and post operative rehabilitation. It reduces abduction and arm rotation by positioning the arm close to the body. It comes with a shoulder cup, which improves grip , immobilization, warmth and confidence of the patient.Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobiliser
Six way immobilization.
Shoulder cup ensures extra compression.
Smart and sleek.
No buckle biting.
Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobiliser Features
Scientific design
Provides six -way immobilization.
Well ventilated and comfortable.
Sleek and smart.
Can be used in patients with open wounds around the shoulder.
Effective, even in patients confined to bed.
Shoulder cup
Improves grip on the injured shoulder.
Improves immobilization.
Provides warmth.
Speeds up the process of healing.
Enhances confidence of the patient.

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