Best Thumb Spica Splint and its Uses

The thumb is certainly one of those parts of your body that is exercised regularly in daily life. In fact, the thumb is employed for grasping, gripping & picking things up & holding objects. When your finger and Tynor Thumb Splint your capacity to carry out any responsibility with the help of your hand is practically unfeasible. When a twist takes place in thumb, a tendon is naturally torn. This denotes that while your thumb is stressed it’s the collateral tendon that is stressed, what sources a considerable weakness in your capacity to grasp or pinch.

Tynor Thumb Splint
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Causes of Thumb Sprained Injuries:

The most regular sources of a strained thumb are because of falling wounds. An individual might fall when his or her hand and arm are widened to decrease the effect of the fall-out, but in the effort to soak up impact, truly do more harm.

Another usual thumb injury takes place when skiing. This happens while a fall-out occurs when the ski rod is fixed within the hand, close to the bottom and next to the thumb area. This kind of injury is usually the consequence of a broken tendon in the thumb.

Thumb Spica Splint

Thumb Spica Splint is a convenient device designed to keep the thumb in the functional i.e. abduction position. It supports the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement.

Ensures excellent Immobilization and stability to CMC & MCP joints Ethafoam lining Allows full hand and finger movement Sleek and trendy Comfortable with better compliance.Helps reduce pain and inflammation and prevents further thumb injury. Smart and sleek Breathable matrix Removable malleable splint Allows free movement of the handc Salient feature Breathable 3 layered PUF fused fabric Durable Excellent aesthetics Better comfort Removable malleable splint Provides customized abduction of the thumb.

A spica splint has cushioned fabric on top for the comfort of the person wearing it and metal enclosed in the fabric that is pliable and can be molded as per the size and shape of the hand. The metal within also provides strength to the brace and supports the thumb and wrist.

Thumb Spica Splint Uses and Benefits:

  • The splint stabilizes the digits, reduces pain and promotes safe healing, as well.
  • The thumb spica splint is essentially a gutter splint adapted for the thumb. It is indicated for non-displaced fractures of the first metacarpal bone, the thumb, and is used for the therapeutic immobilization of many thumb injuries. It keeps the thumb in a fixed position called the “glass holding position.”
  • As well as being effective in keeping the wrist and thumb stable, the thumb spica splint is extremely easy to put on. It is smart and sleek, and it is made of a breathable matrix mesh material. The splint is attractive, easily malleable and removable. One can wear the thumb spica splint while sleeping and can also keep on for most of the day. The splints are constructed of breathable 3 layered PUF fused fabric.
  • While the thumb spica splint works to immobilize the wrist and thumb, it allows the tendons of the hand to rest. Thumb spica splints are very widely utilized in the treatment of overuse injuries, which are very common hand injuries. One of the benefits of the thumb spica splint is that it holds the thumb in place and keeps the thumb away from the palm of the hand.
  • Another important benefit of the thumb spica splint is that it provides ample space to accommodate any hand swelling that may occur after the injury to the hand. This makes the splint a highly comfortable and lightweight alternative to the thumb spica cast, which is sometimes used for mild injuries of the thumb, such as in the cases of sprained thumbs.

Tynor Finger Extension Splint is helpful in achieving the required changes in the connective tissue for positive results. Wearing of the Finger Extension splint helps the finger to heal much faster. This kind of splint is usually required after a surgery, injury, trauma, or disease. The comfortable and adjustable Finger Extension Splint Support splints apply a low-load, prolonged duration stretch (LLPS) across the joint using a tensioning system.


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