New Best Spica Splint for Thumb

Spica Thumb Support

Our Price : Rs 166

A spica splint is a type of orthopedic splint used to immobilize the thumb and/or wrist while allowing other digits freedom to move. It is used to provide Spica Thumb Support for thumb injuries (ligament instability, sprain or muscle strain), gamekeeper’s thumb, osteoarthritis, de Quervain’s syndrome, scaphoid fracture, thumb sprains, post-operative use, and post-removal of casting of the hand/thumb.

A spica splint consists of a metal enclosed in a fabric, which is pliable and can be moulded according to the shape and size of the hand. Velcro strips are used to secure and maintain the splint on the hand and help in comfortably fitting the splint to a variety of hands. Even injuries like metacarpal fractures and wrist fractures can benefit from spica splints.

Thumb Spica splint, Cock-up splint, are used for acute injuries like sprains and fractures. Dynamic Cock-up splint is a special kind of spica splint, which is used in nerve palsies of the hand for preventing contractures and physical therapy.


Thumb Spica Splint is a convenient device designed to keep the thumb in the functional i.e. abduction position. It supports the CMC joint and immobilize the MCP joint of the thumb without inhibiting hand movement. Helps reduce pain and inflammation and prevents further thumb injury. Smart and sleek Breathable matrix Removable malleable splint Allows free movement of the handc Salient feature Breathable 3 layered PUF fused fabric Durable Excellent aesthetics Better comfort Removable malleable splint Provides customized abduction of the thumb. Ensures excellent Immobilization and stability to CMC & MCP joints Ethafoam lining Allows full hand and finger movement Sleek and trendy Comfortable with better compliance.

Designed to provide stabilization to the thumb, first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint, the first carpometacarpal (CMC) joint, wrist joint, distal radius and distal ulna. Useful for all injuries to the thumb, such as Bennett’s or complex Rolando’s fractures, suspected or confirmed navicular (scaphoid) fractures, and for other carpal bone injuries. Also useful for fractures to the distal radius and/or distal ulna, Colles fractures, Salter-Harris pediatric wrist and forearm injuries. Used for acute injuries as well as for post-op support. Not made with natural rubber latex.

Mallet injuries, whether bony or tendinous, should be addressed with closed treatment. Finger Mallet injured area is constrained tightly by adjacent unpadded skin dorsally, a tightly constrained hinge joint volarly, and the germinal matrix of the nail distally. Splinting of the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint in full extension allows healing of the injured structure and restoration of excellent function and appearance.


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