Foot Skin Traction Kit For Relief of Muscle Spasm in Low Back Pain

Foot Skin Traction Kit
Our Price : Rs 235

This product is best used for below-the-knee traction as it aids to heal fractures. The skin traction strips provide maximum aeration to the skin while securely attaching the central extremity to the spreader. This traction kit contains the crepe bandage, foam strip and traction cord.

All you need to do is fasten the strip to the leg with simple pressure of the elasticated cloth. Happy Recovering.

When to Use:

Immobilization of extremities after internal fixation of fractures Used for below knee traction For relief of muscle spasm in low back pain For immobilization of septic joints Post hip injury & surgery.

Foot Skin Traction Kit Features:

  • Soft Support
  • Skin Friendly

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