Bed Sore Heel Protector Protect Lateral and Medial Side Skin Breakage of Heel

Bed Sore Heel Protector
Our Price : Rs 615

During excessive bed ridden cases heel need good protection from bed sore formation at heel area. Heel is the Second prominent area that develop bed sore easily in bed ridden cases.

Bed Sore Heel Protector

Item Code : B-36

Net Price : Rs 603

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Instructions for Use :

  • Wash cloth & gel separately.
  • When gel is dirty / sticky, Sponge the gel with talcum powder and remove extra powder by washing the gel with mild shampoo and fresh water.
  • Shade dry.
  • Keep away from direct heat.

Bed Sore Heel Protector Features:

  • Help to avoid skin breakage from heel area by pressure relief.
  • Prevent bed sore at posterior calcaneum during supine lying.
  • Protect lateral & medial side skin breakage of heel.
  • During supine lying calcaneum is the Second prominent after sacrum so need pressure relief.
  • Can be used up to Grade III bed sores.
  • Easy to donning & doffing.

Bed Sore Heel Protector Measurements:


S         Single Pc.

M         Single Pc.

L         Single Pc.

XL         Single Pc.

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