Brace Just for Support Left Knee Injury

The knee is one of the largest and most important joints in the human body as it connects the upper (femur) and lower (tibia) leg. The muscles that move the knee are connected by tendons to the knee bones. In addition to these bones, the joint is comprised of ligaments, which connect the knee bones and provide stability, as well as menisci and cartilage which function as shock absorbers and allow the joint to move with less friction.

A knee brace can be helpful in many ways to lend support to knee pain.  While a knee brace can limit the mobility of knee and kneecap, it also lends support to the muscles and tendons that support the knee.  If a dislocated kneecap (patella), a Left Knee Brace can help keep patella in the correct position while walking, running or any other athletic activity.  If endured a knee surgery, such as a meniscus repair or an ACL repair, a knee brace will help to stabilize the joint.  A knee brace may also be used to help stabilize the knee during the early treatment of a fracture as well as redistribute the load in the knee to help with arthritis.

Vissco Platinum Knee Brace – Left
If you need to immobilize your knee temporarily, no brace can get better than this one. It supports the knee joint and provides a gradual increase in range of motion. It is designed to maximize stability of your knee while providing you with the comfort you need. It has a sturdy design, is soft to wear and houses a convenient one touch angle control method with 0-130 degrees of flexion range.


Ligament injury (ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL) or tendon injury Knee immobilization following surgery Early cast removal Controlled range of motion.

Vissco Platinum Knee Brace Left
Our Price :Rs 4972

MRP : Rs 6216

Net Price :Rs 4873

( Apply Coupon Code ‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )

Vissco Platinum Knee Brace – Left Features
Hinged Support
Soft Padding
Ergonomic Fit

Medical Compression Socks
Compression stockings are designed to help prevent and treat venous disorders. This product works by exerting a pressure on the legs and thereby increasing venous blood flow. It prevents venous stasis and relieves heavy and aching legs. Best results are observed in the morning, before getting out of bed. Remember to remove all jewelry before wearing the stockings and avoid wearing them at night.

Vissco Platinum Thigh Length Medical Compression Stockings
Our Price :Rs 2612

MRP : Rs 3266

Net Price :Rs 2560

( Apply Coupon Code ‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )
Pressure: 23-32 mmHg
Extent of compression: Moderate Compression (Graded)


  • Mild-moderate venous insufficiency
  • Post Sclerotherapy of small veins varicose vein
  • Post pregnancy varices
  • Deep venous thrombosis

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