Vissco Foot Drop Splint

Vissco Foot Drop Splint

If your doctor has told you of the indication of a foot drop, they might have also mentioned the need to maintain for the foot in a normal dorsiflexed position to avoid contact of your toe with the ground. They are talking about products like this one that are used to stabilize your foot in such events. The splint has a rigid support frame with removable straps to hold the splint in position. It is provided with socks.
Vissco Foot Drop Splint
Our Price :Rs 1163
  • MRP : Rs 1454
  • Our Price :Rs 1163
  • Net Price :Rs 1140( Apply Coupon Code ‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )
Common peritoneal nerve palsy (Foot Drop) Stroke

Foot Splints


  • Rigid Support
  • Ergonomic Fit

Cure for Drop Foot



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