Drop Foot: Causes, Treatments, and More

Foot drop, or drop foot, is a common symptom of multiple sclerosis (MS). It’s a difficulty in lifting the front part of the foot, which can make walking challenging. People with this symptom tend to walk by lifting the knee as though they were walking up stairs. Other muscle- and nerve-related symptoms of MS can compound the challenges presented by this condition.

Causes Foot Drop:
Foot drop is usually caused by malfunction of a nerve in the lower leg due to problems affecting it either low down in the leg, or higher up in the spine where its fibres originate.

This nerve is called the common peroneal nerve. However, it is also sometimes called the common fibular nerve, the external popliteal nerve or the lateral popliteal nerve. It’s a small nerve that comes down off the sciatic nerve in the thigh. Vissco Foot Drop Splint runs down the back of the knee and winds around the top of the fibula to go into the muscles of the lower leg. It is very near the surface at this point and can be easily bruised or compressed.

Vissco Foot Drop Splint
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The most common causes are:

  • Injury to the common peroneal nerve.
  • Lower back damage (including a slipped disc affecting the nerves in the lower leg).

Treatment Options:
Foot drop treatments depend primarily on the cause of the condition and the extent of the disability. Treating a herniated disc, for example, may eliminate foot drop. But spinal surgery may not solve the problem for people with MS. A variety of orthotics, like braces and splints, are available. Some are worn in the shoes, while others are worn around the ankle or near the knee. One widely used device is called an ankle foot orthosis (AFO).

Vissco Foot Drop Splint
If your doctor has told you of the indication of a foot drop, they might have also mentioned the need to maintain for the foot in a normal dorsiflexed position to avoid contact of your toe with the ground. They are talking about products like this one that are used to stabilize your foot in such events. The splint has a rigid support frame with removable straps to hold the splint in position. It is provided with socks.

Common peritoneal nerve palsy (Foot Drop) Stroke

Knee Immobilizer Brace is designed to immobilize the knee in care of injury and pain. This knee brace helps to achieve complete immobilization to facilitate recovery from a muscle pull, strain, ligament tear or knee operation.

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  • Post operation Total Knee Replacement
  • Post surgical knee immobilization eg PCL Reconstruction
  • Post patella dislocations
  • ligament injuries  Protection of  knee joint in emergency
  • Post knee surgeries(meniscus/ligament repair)

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