Extra Soft Gel Ball for Hand Exercise

Gel Ball Extra Soft
Our Price : Rs 205

Gel Ball Soft Available in Two color.

1. Red

2. Yellow

Gel Ball Extra Soft

Item Code : B-50

Net Price : Rs 201

( Apply Coupon Code 

‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )

Gel Ball Extra Soft Features:

  • Use for hand exercise in various hand muscle.
  • Weakness conditions like Rheumatoid arthrietes.
  • Paralysis of hand, hemeplagia etc.
  • Post fracture & Post operated hand weakness condition.

Gel Ball Extra Soft Measurements:


S (1.5″ diameter )                 Single Pc.

M (2.0″ diameter )                 Single Pc.

L (2.5″ diameter )                 Single Pc.

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