Skin Traction Set Reduces a Fracture & Pain

Traction refers to the practice of slowly and gently pulling on a fractured or dislocated body part. It’s often done using ropes, pulleys, and weights. These tools help apply force to the tissues surrounding the damaged area. Skin traction is far less invasive than skeletal traction. It involves applying splints, bandages, or adhesive tapes to the skin directly below the fracture. Once the material has been applied, weights are fastened to it. The Tynor PUF Liner Skin Traction Setaffected body part is then pulled into the right position using a pulley system attached to the hospital bed.

Skin traction is used when the soft tissues, such as the muscles and tendons, need to be repaired. Less force is applied during skin traction to avoid irritating or damaging the skin and other soft tissues. Skin traction is rarely the only treatment needed. Instead, it’s usually used as a temporary way to stabilize a broken bone until the definitive surgery is performed.

Skin Traction Set (PUF Liner) is easy and quick to apply. Skin traction set is inspected on varied parameters in order to supply a flawless range. This skin traction set using excellent quality of material & contemporary techniques by vendor’s highly skilled technocrats as per the norms of industry. Skin traction is widely used in the lower limb for femoral fractures, lower backache, acetabular and hip fractures. Skin traction rarely reduces a fracture, but reduces pain and maintains length in fractures.

Tynor PUF Liner Skin Traction Set is used for providing indirect traction to leg or the arm to reduce fractures, skeletal deformities, muscle contractures, muscle spasms, pressure on nerves or regain normal length and alignment of involved bone.


Extra porous Controlled adhesion and friction

Extra comfortable.


The skin is prepared and shaved -it must be dry. It may be used to improve adhesion. The commercially available strapping is applied to the skin and wound on with an overlapping layer of bandage. The bandage should not extend above the level of the fracture.

Salient feature

  • Available as Complete Kit
  • Convenient for emergencies
  • Cost effective
  • High performance
  • Inbuilt cord, Quick to apply
  • Foam liner and Bandage
  • High performance crepe bandage for extra security
  • Enhanced skin friction of the foam liner
  • Easy application and removal
  • CH Below 15 inches

Wearing Instructions for Leg Traction Brace 

  • The inside top edge of the brace is indicated by the ‘Inside Up’ label.
  • Accordingly, wrap the brace below the knee. Use the velcro and buckle closure to fit the brace comfortably on the patient.
  • Re-adjustment of the brace may be required to center the traction belt strap (1 inch width), along the line of leg.
  • Traction Kit with weight bag is available separately.

Application of Skin Traction set PUF Liner

  • Any indirect traction requirement of upper or lower limb
  • Reduction of fractures of bones of extremities
  • Manipulations of joints of extremities.Tynor Leg Traction Brace

Tynor Leg Traction Brace is manufactured keeping in mind the set norms of industry utilizing premium quality material & leading techniques. This leg traction brace is suitable for weak or geriatric skins. Inbuilt spreader bar and traction cord. It provide this leg traction brace from us within a committed time frame at market price.


  • Use this product on recommendation of a doctor
  • Discontinue use and seek guidance of a qualified doctor
  • Impaired sensation
  • impaired blood flow
  • Allergy rash or itching
  • Pain increases or persists
  • Consult doctor in case of concurrent use of the device with excessive physical exertion, it can lead to restriction of the performance of heart and lungs (risk of rise in blood pressure ). Misuse or improper use of the device can lead to adverse effects and decreased effectiveness

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