Tynor Hernia Belt

Tynor Hernia Belt

Hernia belt offers a gentle and constant relief from reducible inguinal hernia by providing adjustable and comfortable pressure to the hernia. On wearing the belt the occurrence of herniation gets eliminated. Tynor hernia belt is available in skin color, can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.
Moulded foam pads.
Adjustable leg and abdominal strap.
Soft and skin friendly materials.
Controlled pressure.
Tynor Hernia Belt
  • MRP : Rs 531
  • Our Price :Rs 478
  • Net Price :Rs 469( Apply Coupon Code ‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )

Hernia Belt


Anatomic pads

  • Presses the inguinal aperture at the appropriate angle, enhances the effectiveness.

Molded out of special grade ethafoam

  • Appropriate hardness, light weight, smooth and comfortable.

Grey color product

  • Can be worn inconspaciously under cloth, aesthetically pleasing.

Soft and dermophilic materials

  • No rash no allergy, very comfortable, improve compliance.

Adjustable pelvic and leg straps

  • One size fits a large population, controlled & customized pressure
  • possible.

Hernia Support Belt


Measure circumference around the waist 2 inches below the navel.

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