Elderly People Tried the Foldable Mobility Scooter

Hip surgeries, fractures in leg etc. can make one stay in bed for a prolonged period. Though they might undergo physiotherapy sessions to make their limbs active again, they are expected to stay in bed and rest until their body recovers fully. To help these accident victims feel rejuvenated and take a breath of fresh air all by themselves, there are notable and reputed mobility aid products available in the market. One such awesome product is the Pride Mobility Quest scooter which has awesome feature set. The pride quest scooter is a great help for patients who hate to depend on others for help. Also the pride quest comes in a wallet friendly price range which adds customer base. The feature sets of such wonder scooters are listed down below. Go through to make the best purchase:

Our Price : Rs 140000

Pride Quest Folding Scooter

Item Code : WCI-221

Net Price : Rs 137200

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‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )


The mobility scooters being foldable can be carried to any place with ease. Foldable mobility scooters in general occupy lesser space and can even fit in the rear seat of the car thus making them easy to be transported anywhere and everywhere.

User friendly

Another most important feature of mobility scooter is that, these are user friendly. One can check out the video tutorial of how to operate the scooter and learn the techniques of braking and maneuvering. Also folding technique is simple and straightforward. In short, just with a practice of 4-5 days the user will get complete control over the vehicle and understand how to maneuver it in the right way.

Light weight

The third most awesome quality of foldable mobility scooter is that it is light in weight and durable. It can easily withstand a person who is heavy on weight. Driving on these scooters is a pleasurable experience as it turns smooth and fast as well. The batteries last up to seven miles at a stretch, so there is no worry of charging it again and again or in the middle of the journey.

Accidents are a nightmare for anyone. With medical intervention, the lives are saved but the rehabilitation period post the accident is really traumatic for a patient. Instead of lying down and brooding over their state, one can invest in a Mobility Scooters and enjoy their “Elderly” time fully. Just while buying the scooters, it is necessary to purchase them from renowned manufacturers and suppliers to get the best quality in affordable rate.


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