Wrist Brace Support Double Lock Gives Rigid Support

Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock is designed with a double lock that will make it simple to apply and remove. Its double lock feature gives rigid support to the wrist. It partially keeps the wrist immobilized. It can easily adjust the compression around the affected area as per the desire. It provides the warming feel to the injured area to allay the local pain and inflammation. It has a high modulus of elasticity which works for a long time, even if use this on a regularl basis. It has striped elastic webbing which is of high quality material.

This double lock wrist brace is strong, rigid and comfortable to wear. Its material is porous in nature which keeps the affected area air ventilated. It can adjust the compression pressure according to the will. Its double hook loop locking system is easy to apply and remove as well as comes with universal sizing. This wrist brace provides strength and support to the wrist and keep the wrist protected against the further injury or damage.

Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock is designed to support, protect and partially immobilize the wrist. It compresses the area and retain the body heat to allay local pain and inflammation.

Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock
Our Price :Rs 90


  • Extra grip.
  • Extra porous
  • Controlled compression.
  • Easy application.


Tynor Wrist Brace with Double Lock Features

High quality,  striped elastic webbing

  • Strong and durable
  • Porous and comfortable
  • High modulus of elasticity– Retains shape and size for a long time.
  • Excellent compressive strength, better support


Hook loop Double locking

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Ensures optimal compression
  • Better fitting and universal sizing.


Tynor Elbow Support is an anatomically shaped support which provides extra stretch to the elbow. It gives warmth and support to the elbow and forearm joint. It will get some relief from the pain and stiffness occurs during the arthritis or during sports energy. It also provides relief to older individuals which suffer from pain during winters because of the stiffness or the pain associated with the arthritis. It has a bilayered cotton surface which properly cushioned the elbow area and give support to the elbow as well as to forearm. This elbow support provides better compression and grip to the forearm and elbow.

This elbow support keeps the affected area warm so that it will speed up the recovery process. It has ability of four-way stretchability which gives a snug fit. It is flexible and easy to apply as well as remove. Its outer surface is made up of nylon which gives this product more durability and life. It has excellent aesthetics and color fastness additionally that are efficient in retaining body heat effectively.

Tynor Elbow Support provides firm compression, warmth & support to the forearm and the elbow joint, to allay pain inflammation and stiffness, generally associated with old age, arthritis, sports injury etc.

Tynor Elbow Support
Our Price :Rs 122
  • Light weight
  • Four way stretch
  • Freely breathable
  • Soft and comfortable


Tynor Elbow Support Features

Anatomically shaped with extra stretch at elbow

  • Easy elbow movement
  • Better comfort
  • Better compression and grip


Bilayered, cotton on the inside

  • Ensures dermophillic interphase with the skin,
  • More comfort
  • Better patient compliance


Bilayered, nylon on the outside

  • Long life
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Color fastness
  • Retains body heat effectively
  • Quicker healing


Four-way stretch ability

  • Good grip and compression
  • Snug fitting

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