Tynor Knee Immobilizer 19

Tynor Knee Immobilizer 19

Tynor Knee Immobilizer 19 has an extra Patellar strap which is easily flexible and easy to adjust. It provides great relief to the knees after any injury and after operation. It is easily to apply and easy to remove. It properly cushioned the knee and keeps the knee immobilized as well as allows to move anywhere. It has a long shelf life because of its good quality material.
Tynor Knee Immobilizer 19
Our Price :Rs 773

MRP : Rs 859

Our Price :Rs 773

Net Price :Rs 758( Apply Coupon Code ‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )

Knee Immobilizer 19


Anatomically shaped back splints.

Side splints with relief at knee joint.

Soft and comfortable body.

Additional Features

Additional Features


Anatomically Shaped Back Splints

Side Splints with Relief at Knee Joint

Soft and Comfortable

Perfect Immobilization

Additional Patellar Strapping

Knee Immobiliser 19


Measure circumference around mid thigh – approx 6 inches above knee
Size Chart –
Size Inches CM
Small 14.8-17.2 37-43
Medium 17.2-19.6  43-49
Large 19.6-22 49-55
XL 22-24.4 55-61

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