Tubular Elastic Bandage

Tubular Elastic Bandage

Tubular Elastic Bandage provides uniform compression and support of the appendages with minimal risk of constriction. It is easy to apply and comfortable to wear, without the need of any clips or tape to hold it in place. Compressive strength remains consistent over a long period of use.

This versatile, bandage is an economical and a better substitute for elastic wraps, and other general supports. Holds cold/hot packs or bandages in place. It offers good compression and help to minimize inflammation.
The compression can be increased by increasing the layers of the bandage.
  • Washable.
  • Breathable and Hypo allergenic.
  • Remains cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • Uniform compression.
  • Soft to touch, good to feel.
  • Tubular Elastic Bandage
    Our Price :Rs 137

MRP : Rs 152

Our Price :Rs 137

Net Price :Rs 135( Apply Coupon Code ‘MSW2365’ Get 2% Discount )

Tubular Elastic


High Quality Cotton Yarn
Is breathable, hypo allergic, dermophilic, remains cool in summers & warm in winters. It is soft to touch, good to feel and is washable.


State of Art Knitting
Provides uniform compression, long functional life and firm fitting.


Tubular Design
Quick and easy wearing, without any pins or tapes. Provides complete freedom of movement.


Fawn Colored
Matches skin color, has better aesthetics. Can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.


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